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Innovation is a process that transforms markets and allows different actors to move forward. Innovating sometimes involves taking risks. To innovate is to delegate, to cooperate and to allocate reasonable material and human resources. It is the integration of innovation in our company's overall strategy, that enables us to steer our compass towards a better future.

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe, the new EU research and innovation programme, worth €95.5 billion in current prices. Its strategic plan sets the strategic orientations for the targeting of investments in the programme’s first four years. It ensures that EU research and innovation actions contribute to EU priorities, including a climate-neutral and green Europe, a Europe fit for the digital age, and an economy that works for people.

The priorities set out in Horizon Europe’s strategic plan will be implemented through the Horizon Europe work programme. It sets out funding opportunities for research and innovation activities through thematic calls for proposals and topics.

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No matter who you are

Innovation is a process that transforms markets and allows different actors to move forward, according to their needs. Forget the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We want to focus on you: in which field do you innovate?

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Our projects

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At ZABALA Innovation, we have a team of experts who will guide you throughout the process with continuous advice; we accompany our clients through promoting R&I and building with them fundamental investment and competitiveness projects.

We manage leading European projects and studies in different sectors such as Smart Cities, Energy and Environment, ICT, Biotechnology and Open Innovation. Our goal is to innovate and create new paths in the European innovation ecosystem.


We grow, but we remain us

Pamplona, Brussels, Bogota, Bordeaux, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza… We are growing, but we remain close. In addition, ZABALA Innovation collaborates with international companies and institutions in the promotion of innovation and R&D&I policie

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A professional team that adapts to your needs

We help our clients choose paths towards growth. With a team of more than 370 professionals, including over 60 PhDs and 13 offices in strategic locations, we work with specialised profiles that understand our clients’ businesses and speak their language fluently.

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At ZABALA Innovation we are committed to innovation ecosystems, and this is reflected in the actions we carry out throughout the year. We are aware of the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create new innovative business models that enable social progress, and for that reason, we integrate the SDGs, especially those goals that have to do exclusively with business activity and its management, both in the management of our company and in the strategic plans of our clients.